Director: Peter Volkart
Year of production: 2016

Subotika, a little-known island on the other side of the globe, endeavors to step up tourism in the Republic. In this dynamic, the Foreign Minister commissions an advertising movie, which portray an enchanting country, with extraordinary sights, grand visions, and a couple of minor problems.

Swiss artist Peter Volkart has studied visual arts and filmmaking in Zurich and New York. He has made independent short films as well as documentaries for TV. Since 2002, he runs a graphic design studio in Zurich specializing in motion graphics, special effects and all kinds of mixed media productions. Besides working commercially, Volkart has had various exhibitions in art galleries and art museums in Switzerland and abroad.

Location and Day/Time
Dubai: Dubai Festival City mall - cinema 10
20/10/2016 - 9:00 PM
22nd October, 9 pm

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